Wheelchair users appreciate the independent living they have when they can go to different places on their terms. However, this quality of life can be altered quickly if the wheelchair becomes damaged and not identified early enough. An older study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that tipping and falling accounted for up to 80% of injuries among wheelchair users. Many of those injuries could have been prevented by getting their wheelchair maintained regularly. Here are five common dangers caused by damaged wheelchairs.

Damage To Wheels And Locks

Wheels and wheel locks are some of the most important components of any wheelchair. If any issue is present with the wheels, it will significantly limit the user’s ability to navigate safely. Identifying a flat tire is simple, but it’s a good habit to do a quick check of the wheels after extended use. This is especially true if you bumped into an object or rode over rough terrain. The wheel locks should be evaluated frequently as well since they can lead to serious injuries if not working correctly.

Mechanical Issues

Mechanical issues in a power wheelchair can arise periodically. Everything from a weak battery to an overused motor and anything in between can happen depending on various factors. The problem with mechanical issues is they can arise when you least expect them to and leave you stranded in the process. However, with a regular maintenance checkup, an expert technician can identify potential issues before they become a problem, so you won’t have to worry about being stranded.

Worn Or Damaged Seat

A worn or damaged seat won’t necessarily create a safety hazard when riding the wheelchair, but it can lead to other issues. Depending on how often and for how long of durations you use the wheelchair, a damaged seat can become uncomfortable to the point where it can create pain. People need to be comfortable when operating their wheelchair, so get the seat repaired or replaced if it becomes uncomfortable.

Slow Leaks On Tires

If you notice a slow leak on a wheelchair tire, don’t delay getting it repaired professionally. Too many wheelchair users make the mistake of simply filling the tire with air before each use, but this should only be done once or twice until you can get it fixed for good. Slow leaks on tires can be detrimental to independent living efforts since you could become stranded somewhere. Plus, it’s not safe to have one tire less inflated than the other since it can make the wheelchair off balance and possibly tip over.

Loss Of Control Of The Wheelchair

Some issues can occur with a wheelchair that makes the user lose control of it. When this happens, you put your safety and the safety of others at risk. Many times losing control seems unexpected, but it is later discovered that an existing issue caused the problem, and the damage could have been prevented with a maintenance checkup. It’s always ideal to get ahead of these issues by having your wheelchair regularly maintained.

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